Our Athletes - Ashley Harrison

Ashley Harrison

I have always felt that attractiveness could never solely start or end with just someone’s external appearance. Rather, I believe it is something that radiates from the innermost part of the soul and reflects on all areas of life. As a former CFL cheerleader and competitive dancer I have always lead an active lifestyle. I started out in gymnastics when I was three, but due to back injury, I was advised to discontinue gymnastics, but I didn't let that stop me. I then took up dancing, began competing in that, then to improve my dancing skills, I hired a trainer and started going to the gym. One thing led to another and I was bit by the bug when I competed in my first show at 18 and haven't looked back since! 

I got my big debut into the industry this past year when I achieved one of my biggest goals, and graced the cover of one of my favourite fitness publications in the January 09 issue of oxygen magazine! I then was also featured in oxygen’s glute special in March 09’ as well as a workout spread in a yet another monthly addition. I continue to set bigger goals for myself, and when one is achieved I reach for another. It is all about reaching for the stars and never settling. The possibilities and rewards that come from hard work and discipline are endless, and I look forward to what the future of traveling down such a road will bring; It’s all about the journey baby!!!
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